Priorities and Accomplishments
Florissant Mayor Tom Schneider has served the city for over 37 years and has been Mayor since being elected in April of 2011. As a member of the City Council, he served with Mayor Eagan and Mayor Lowery and has served with 39 different council members. He has seen what works and what doesn't. Tom has a plan to build on the successes of the past while meeting the challenges of the future and he is uniquely qualified to do so. Following are some of Tom Schneider's priorities for Florissant's future.
  • Tom Schneider has always given our Police Department the highest priority. Under his leadership he has appointed Timothy Lowery as Chief of Police and has appointed every Captain and several lieutenants and sergeants including the first minority sergeant.
  • The Schneider administration implemented the award winning Parks Police program to ensure the safe enjoyment of our parks and recreation facilities.
  • Tom's goal is to continue the tradition of excellence and professionalism while keeping the Police Department fully staffed to protect citizens and property. There can be no progress without protection.
  • Our goal is to establish Neighborhood Watch captains on every block to give Police Department more eyes and ears to keep our city safe. The Chief and the Mayor encourage neighborhood block parties and many other programs designed to involve our citizens in the success of our Police Department.
  • Mayor Schneider has also made great strides in establishing proactive leadership in the Parks Department with a new Superintendent of Parks and Recreation and several other key leaders to provide residents with the best parks and recreation system possible. The goal is to offer programs, events and facilities for all ages to provide wholesome physical, mental and emotional recreational opportunities for them to enjoy both indoor and outdoor for all seasons.
  • Mayor Schneider has always used his Civil Engineering background to ensure that the entire city enjoys the best maintained bridges, streets and sidewalks we can provide with the resources at hand.
  • Tom has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the code enforcement division with the key personnel needed to do the job. The City Council has supported the administration's request for additional manpower to reestablish code enforcement as an essential priority to ensure the continued quality of residential and commercial property maintenance.
  • Encourage prudent economic development to help us maintain our residential and commercial property values.
  • Create a friendly environment to encourage residents and businesses to invest in our beautiful city.
  • Mayor Schneider travels by car and by bicycle throughout the City to see first-hand what is going on in every neighborhood and public place.